How to Generate a Burning Desire to Easily Write Your Bestselling Novel

You have a dream. A deep urge to tell your story. Not just to a few people over the Internet, but to the world. To see your name on the cover of a beautifully designed book on display in your local bookstore, and in bookstores across the country. You’ve either started writing, or you are reading this to perhaps get some inspiration, some tips, some ideas to get you from where you are to where you want to be นิยายวาย.

One thing that can help is to develop a burning desire. Napoleon Hill wrote about this in “Think and Grow Rich.” W. Clement Stone wrote about this as well. They didn’t come up with the term, or the concept, even though they wrote about it nearly seventy years ago. They were only relaying what has been known to mystics and teachers for ages. With a strong enough desire, you can create anything with your life.

So how do you create this burning desire to become a best selling novelist? It’s fairly easy, but requires some focus and discipline. First you need to think of what you want to accomplish, in as exact terms as possible. Do you want a novel in the New York Times top ten? Do you want a certain amount of money? Do you want a certain number of your books in publication? The first step is to get clear on what you want.

The next step is to imagine, in as much detail, what it will be like when you achieve it. What will you see? What will you hear? What will you feel, smell, and touch? What will people say to you? Where will you see your name? Will you hear your name on TV, or the Radio, or over the Internet?

Can you imagine yourself in a bookstore, signing copies of your book, while hundreds of people are waiting in line? Good.

Once you get as many specific images as you can, visualize them at least twice day. Once in the morning, as soon as you wake up, and once again just before you fall asleep. When you visualize them, feel as much gratitude as you possibly can as if you you’ve already achieved them.

If this seems difficult at first, don’t worry. They more you do this, the more real they will seem and feel, until your visualizations meet with reality, and your dreams will have been accomplished.

One of the most widely used ways to increase your passion for writing, and your skills, is to consistently read what others are writing. Many best selling authors acknowledge that a substantial amount of their ideas and techniques are inspired by regularly reading the works of others. It is no secret that being able to learn from others is the quickest path to success in any field.

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